7 Signs That He Loves You

There are signs he loves you. Love can be great and confusing at the same time. We can hardly ever tell if he is in love with you. We simply rely on our instincts whether he is really in love with us or he’s just a player. No one would ever want to get hurt of course, so we always make sure of our partner before we engage into a relationship. So how sure are we that the other truly loves us? Listed below are 6 proven and tested signs he loves you.

1. One of the signs he loves you is if he becomes shy around you. Men are generally intrinsically extrovert. Though men may be highly extroverted, those who are truly in love typically behave shyly around the woman they adore. He holds back when he is around you because he wants to make a good impression on you. This can be taken as a definite sign that he is in love with you and that you have a special place in his heart.

2. Another sign is if you catch him trying to make eye contact with you. Whenever he gets the chance to look at you straight to the eye, he will grab that opportunity and do so. You may even catch him once or twice looking at you intently.

3. If he behaves and acts with a different body language around you, then it could be sign that he is in love with you. Men behave differently when they are around the woman they love. He might unconsciously touch his hair constantly, his face, or he might just play with his collar or neck tie. This is a sign of anxiousness and he doesn’t know what to do. He feels very insecure that you might not like what you are seeing.

4. Blushing is also a sign that he is in love with you. Whenever you pay him a compliment, he would suddenly turn so red as if he washed his face with tomatoes. People generally blush when people pay them a compliment, so it can be hard to fathom whether he is in love with you. But if you can detect that he blushes like that only when you give him the compliment then it can be a strong indication that he is in love with you.

5. A man is innately a gentleman. If he tries to always help you and lend you a hand in everything then you can be sure he is interested in you. He would do anything just to spend a little more time with you even if it meant helping you with household chores.

6. A man in love never forgets his girl’s birthday. He may forget his friends’ birthday or even his parents’ but he will never forget yours. Most men are bad at remembering dates but if it is a special date moreover, if it is your birthday it is likely that you are very special to him.

7. If he gives you preferential treatment then you can say that he is in love with you. In a crowd full of so many women he acts differently and treats you and only you in a special way.

If most of the above signs are present then it can mean a blossoming love between you. While love can be hard to translate, there are tangible signs he loves you.

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4 Comments → “7 Signs That He Loves You”

  1. Setso

    6 years ago

    so if any of the signs are not showing then it means he doesn’t love you???

  2. bhasker patil

    6 years ago

    yaaa..such signs seems at the starting of love.. bt at d end….everything changes.????

  3. rockstar

    5 years ago

    i dont think so!

  4. Jim

    4 years ago

    Im going thru this very same thing right now. I have known this beautiful woman for going on 2 years now and I would do anything for her, I have never in my life felt this way for anyone. We are in a strained relationship as she is in another state, and we have not met face to face yet due to her current commitment, and our finachal situation., she has told me many times that she does love me, Iam counting the days till we meet, i have already perposed to her and she has said yes, whenever i talk to her i get weak in the knees, I get butterflys in my stomach, I get light headed, and i am very shy. i am definately insecure over this because she is in a place where the men are always hitting on her, I trust her but it makes me so scares that some guy is going to come along and im just going to get pushed aside. Everythinf listed above it what i am going thru right now

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