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The definition of marriage depends on not only the historical period, but also on the geographical location and the cultural traditions of the individuals involved in the marriage relationship. A general definition of marriage is that it is a social contract between two individuals that unites their lives legally, economically and emotionally.

Historically, the definition of marriage is a relationship between a male, a female and their families whose primary purpose is to raise offspring. Today many people use the word to describe a committed, loving relationship with or without children. Specifically speaking, the definition of marriage is an interpersonal relationship with governmental, social, or religious recognition, usually intimate and sexual, and often created as a contract. The most frequently occurring form of marriage unites a man and a woman as husband and wife. What is more, marriage is society’s largest institutions — Religion and Government — often codify the practices of the society into Law, either religious law or secular law.

Barrack Obama Defines Marriage At Saddleback Church

In fact, everyone is a philosopher for his own life. As for the definition of marriage, people have a lot of answers in their hearts even for those who have not got married yet. What is the marriage? A marriage creates a permanent lifelong familial relationship between the people who enter into it. Meanwhile, it encompasses and is built upon sexual, physical, economic, emotional, charitable, and spiritual bonds. Married people are bound to protect one another and in so doing to avoid choices and actions which are harmful to any of the members or to themselves. Married people agree to limit their behavior in all areas in concert with the agreed-on limits of the marriage.

The next definition of marriage tells us that a marriage provides a secure, stable place for married people to pursue their innate desire for inner peace, tranquility, and happiness. The marriage covenant requires protecting, helping, and nurturing any children who are part of the family whether they be a product of that marriage or any other union.

There are some definitions with conflicting opinions. Compared with the above mentioned one, here is another definition of marriage: marriage is not about sex, love, or happiness. Marriage is the basic building block of society in that it creates stability for its members and that of the future generations, and therefore society as a whole. Maintaining love in marriage by the avoidance of harm and the meeting of needs is the mortar that holds the commitment to that union together. Loss of love is not reason for dissolution of the marriage but a call to explore how to restore that love and one’s own need for change within the marriage.

I have read a definition of marriage from a magazine. Marriage is an institution in which a woman gets her Master’s and the man loses his Bachelor’s. I do not know how much applause it will receive, but I believe firmly that a good marriage would be between a blind wife and a deaf husband.

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    My wife is giving me hard time, she not faithful to me, and the vow. What do i do in this situation? I am right to leave her right away? Please say something about my questions.

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