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As a psychological therapist, I received hundreds of phone calls from the people who had recently faced up with a breakup in seeking for the divorce help, advice and instructions.

In fact, there is no divorce help, advice or suggestions which can help you overcome this period of time at once. You need to modify the new life step by step. Never feel depressed and hopeless. What you need to do is telling yourself that divorce is just a process that does not stop with the final court decree. You have ended one phase of your life, but now you have an opportunity to enter another stage. We agree with Dr. Bruce Fisher, a Colorado divorce therapist, that you can turn stumbling blocks like fear, loneliness and denial into rebuilding blocks that will give you the freedom to be yourself as a single person or in another love relationship. Just as you managed your divorce by educating yourself and being pro-active, manage your transition post divorce.

A Quick Video Demonstrating The Important in Social Network For Divorced Women


Many divorce help, advice and lessons will tell you to do the following essential things to recover as soon as possible: make sure that you realize and get ready for your ups and downs in your life. Don’t pretend you are doing fine when you are not and you had better give yourself time to heal and grow before committing to another relationship. Keep yourself busy socially and intellectually. Time is the best cure against pains of divorce. You will set yourself free sooner or later if you do not always stick to it.

Most people do not need divorce help, advice and aids at all if only they face it with a calm attitude. However, if you find yourself lost in sadness and desperateness, you had better consult a professional therapist to make the transition through your divorce just a little bit easier. In my work as a psychotherapist I have helped out a lot of clients struggling with the hurt and sadness of divorce. Since statistics show 50% of marriages end in divorce, you can assume there are many people out there going through the same uncertainty, the same anger, the same guilt or the same sadness as you. You are not alone in your pain, anger, and confusion.

Following the divorce help, advice and guidance from your friends and your therapist, you can create a new beginning for yourself and find yourself learning, growing and thriving in your relationship or as a single person again! Divorcing is not the ending of the world. If you feel your future bleak and dark, draw a picture for yourself with the color of rainbow.

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  1. jhon randal

    6 years ago

    people arent ment to spend forever with the same person…this is your fault!

  2. Cybervang

    5 years ago

    Marriage is an illusion. A temporary solution to a fantasy of sexual convenience and security. Once you have a child with them and complete what mother nature intended, they are bored of you. Almost anything you say or do can and will annoy them. Eventually it’s over and both move on to a new greener pasture with new things to eat and reproduce.

    Darwin’s Theory holds true.

  3. Mindy

    5 years ago

    So it’s ok to stay married to a cheating asshole, because of talking to a doctor like you?
    Or it’s ok to stay married to a control freak, who doesn’t like my children but thinks his child is a gift from heaven. Thanks doc, I feel better already.

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