Divorce Rates In America

What are the current divorce rates in America? It is frequently reported that the divorce rate in America is 50%. This data is not accurately correct, however, it is reasonably close to an actual fact. The Americans for Divorce Reform estimates that probably, 40 or possibly even 50 percent of marriages will end in divorce if current trends continue.

Age at marriage for those who divorce in America According to DivorceRate.org

Age Women Men
Under 20 years old 27.6% 11.7%
20 to 24 years old 36.6% 38.8%
25 to 29 years old 16.4% 22.3%
30 to 34 years old 8.5% 11.6%
35 to 39 years old 5.1% 6.5%

The following statement about the divorce rates in America reveals all the details about distribution. According to enrichment journal on the divorce rates in America, the divorce rate in America for first marriage is 41%; the divorce rate in America for second marriage is 60%; the divorce rate in America for third marriage is 73%. According to discovery channel, couples with children have a slightly lower rate of divorce than childless couples. Sociologists believe that childlessness is also a common cause of divorce. The absence of children leads to loneliness and weariness and even in the United States; at least 66 per cent of all divorced couples are childless. According to some experts, however, divorce rates tend to go down primarily because more couples live together without marrying. Other researchers have documented what they call “the divorce divide,” contending that divorce rates are indeed falling substantively among college-educated couples but not among less-affluent, less-educated couples.

The divorce rate in America is more than 50%, which means one in two couples will break up. Why it is so high. What is the real reason for them to divorce? I think we should look for the answer from the American belief. Freedom is one of the most important beliefs for America and nothing can replace it besides love. When they married, they don’t run for long love. If they think the love and family can’t offer their happiness and safety, they would choose to divorce. They wouldn’t think more about the family or the children because they take themselves as the center. That means they love freedom not stability. Their dreams are running for their own blessedness.

As the divorce rates in America rises, bad effects do happen on the children who are use to growing up with both parents. When both parents raise a child, the child is learning different things from each parent. The child is also developing its own personality by getting traits from each parent. When divorce leads one parent to leave the household, it has a huge effect on the children. Both parents need to continue to play an important role in the child’s life. When a parent leaves the household, this can make the child withdraw and feel unwanted. It can affect their schoolwork, social skills, and their activities. They may act out in different ways, to show you they are not happy with this change in their life. It may also affect the child when the child becomes an adult. When the child becomes a parent, they may think it is not important for their child to have both parents involved in their life.

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  1. Jimmy

    3 years ago

    Marriage was instituted by God “a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife. Genesis ch.2 ” and until we get back to that it will continue to grow. Bottom line is we have to get God as the main part of our teaching.

  2. Phyllis Johnson

    3 years ago

    Marriage should involve both sides of the couple’s families and not preachers, courts/judges. The idea of “inlaws” is a legal construct that tends to divide families and promote separateness and specialness, instead of unity/Oneness. The bride should marry into the mans family and be accepted as a legitimate member not an in-law. The children of the couple are permanently part of both sides of the partner’s families, even if divorce occurs. Men at one time had to ask the dad for the daughter’s hand and that was discarded b/c fathers abused the priviledge and were too materialistic. Instead of being concerned about their daughter marrying a good man with character, they wanted the richest prospect for their daughter. Basic common sense needs to be put back into marriage selection and “courtship” so that families can have a greater chance of succeeding. And, the fact that people live longer than ever is also often overlooked. It was easy to stay married 15 years if life expectancy was only 40 or 45 yrs. But, now that people are living much longer lives, it’s harder to tolerate a spouse who may be a bit annoying/incompatible, if u have to look forward to living with them 50+ yrs. or more. LOL Also, humor helps marriages, considerably.

  3. [...] Divorce Rates In America – Why So High? Statistics & Reasons Going by statistics, there's only a 50-50 chance of a marriage staying together, including religious couples. Based on that, I would think someone who isn't religious would view marriage is merely a complication and would turn into an economic decision. You can still name a beneficiary on a will, life insurance, IRA, etc. A marriage is a way of "manning-up" because it is a legal obligation to another person, and in the context of children again, economically speaking it would be good to have that legal connection in case one of the parents decides to leave and not care for their child. Then things like child support come into play. Danielle, I'm sorry your mother-in-law treats you the way she does. I'm sure she wants the best for you guys, but indicating that you leave your boyfriend to find someone just so you can be "married"? I was in a wedding last weekend, and you're definitely right about the extravagance and cost. I would personally be cool with a courthouse wedding and a pig roast. __________________ [...]

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  5. [...] Marriage101.com asks, “Why is the divorce rate so high?” and offers this as a possible explanation: I think we should look for the answer from the American belief. Freedom is one of the most important beliefs for America and nothing can replace it besides love. [...]

  6. Kyle

    3 years ago

    My parents got a divorce when I was 4 years old. The reason God hates divorce is shown in Ephesians 5 When He says “Wifes submit to your husbands just as you do to the Lord.” And He says “Husbands love your wifes as Christ loves the church and gave himself up for her.” By these verses we can clearly see that God instituted marriage for the sake of teaching us something very important. He is painting a picture of what the relationship between Jesus Christ and His bride (the church) is like. When people divorce, they blaspheme God and His Church. People have no idea what kind of dangerous ground they are treading on when they just decide to even get married for the wrong reasons to begin with. If you are a truly born again Christian, I would submit to you at this time to search your heart before you get married. Seek God’s wisdom in prayer and fasting. Search the scriptures and learn from Jesus what it means to be a husband who will die for his bride. If you see anything in your heart that reflects selfishness of any kind, THEN DON’T GET MARRIED! If you’re not a Christian, then I would like to encourage you to seek Christ out in prayer and the scriptures. When you pray, admit that you’re a sinner and ask Jesus to break your heart over your sin. Ask for His wisdom, understanding and righteousness by faith and He will lead you straight to it. Repent for your sins by changing your mind about them and doing a 180 from them. Beware of your adversarie the devil, he appears as an angel of light but on the inside he is a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. For all the saints out there, Grace and Peace to you from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

  7. Travis

    3 years ago

    Well I never married, nor have I really dated. But I still love doing my research on this stuff so I will be better prepared. I am a 27 year old male and taking my time. But this most awesome thing I found out is couples who pray together as one have a way lower divorce rate. I think that’s pretty darn cool. I think God has hes hand in that :D

  8. andrew gates

    3 years ago

    That’s right little sheep, keep following your archaic and greatly out-dated beliefs…out of fear you will never open your eyes, fear that there is no god, there is no higher power. I feel bad for the human race reading your posts, you will never let go, therefore you will never truly live. Let’s try to live for each other and not for “god” live for yourself! The reason I’m even bothering posting anything in response to these comments is solely for those people who believe they have failed as a human for getting divorced…you have not failed, the religion some of you hold so dear has failed you!

  9. Cybervang

    3 years ago

    Divorce rate is high because the system feeds off the conflict. Until the system is rewritten to promote marriages nothings gonna change. The system promotes every way they can to destroy the couple with expensive processes & bias laws. Everything is to further escalate the conflict. It offers NO real affordable WAY of recovery for them so that they have to go through the expensive processes.
    In the end the marriage is dissolved and the State wins. They make many big fat checks and the children are the victims. Hopefully the children don’t grow up thinking that it’s ok to divorce because their parents did. It’s a vicious cycle that started with the system.

  10. [...] 1. Many experts advise that pre-marital counseling be attended in order to be sure that this is the right choice for you as a person and for your relationship. According to Dr. Linda Mintle who is a writer for BeliefNet.com “One of the things we know is, there’s a very predictable path to divorce. My big contention is, people don’t come for premarital counseling, so when they get into trouble, they don’t know what to do,” she said in an interview with Ohio newspaper CantonRep. Not only does pre-marital counseling help, it may also help lower divorce rates which is for first time married couples 41% and continues to rise as a person goes into their second and third marriage, according Marriage 101 . [...]

  11. Leah Arenz

    2 years ago

    marriage to a lot of people isn’t about “god” if it was about god then why is there such a high teen pregnancy rate?

  12. Xavier

    2 years ago

    These numbers are crazy. Something’s got to be done. There’s a whole divorce industry now making millions profiting from the failings of others.

  13. John whitlock

    2 years ago

    It is sad that American marriages are becoming obsolete. The church has been affected by the world where the rate is the same. You don’t see this in other cultures, especially those who value arranged marriages (some less than 1%). Americans need to be more interdependent with our struggles but do this in love, courage and clarity (Romans 12: 9).

  14. andrew decon

    2 years ago

    In what religion has marriage ever truly worked thank about it if Christianity worked than its a sin to even think about being with someone else besides your spouse. witch in turn makes that person feel ashamed not worthy of the lord and strive to do better but in doing so creates a more distance between you and your spouse so how does religion govern marriage? It cant for if you give yourself to the lord and repress your natural instincts you can not fully give yourself to your spouse you hold back you lie without even saying a word. you create this image of what the church and society think your marriage should be like instead of finding out what marriage is a union of two people yes i didn’t say a man and woman two people for the betterment for there lifes when you marry yourself to the lord you give up on marrying for yourself. religion should not push to play a factor in ones marriage in turn it can be a cause of divorce. you find your soul mate and she is jewish but your family is stout cathloics but society says you two cant be happy but god tell both of you otherwise in the way you feel about her do you follow your religion and force her to change or do you give up on yours and change how does that help there is always that little voice of resentment in the back of your mind so 9 years later and 2 kids you decide to divorce and in both religions is all most would hear but in truth its the family under god that is sad not the other way around god has a plan but those who spread his word with such misdelusions of the true meaning of marriage are fools. when you marry it should be to love hold and cherish in sickness which includes infidelity that is a sickness be it a mental one still a sickness to not be satisfied by one individual love put aside everyone has to thank of that sooner or later. but does how we are as humans make god upset that he gave us freewill or does it make him proud to see that we created in his image have done the most with our live to take care of another person?

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  16. Theo

    2 years ago

    I got married 8 months ago but I am not living a marriage life I think my wife family and her friend do not want for her because her father told me one day that his daughter deserves a better man than and he asks me how I am going to take care of his daughter.We are both christian and I love my wife but I do not think that she loves the way I love but I am trying hard to save my marriage life and I do not believe in divorce. Please help me.

  17. Nik

    2 years ago

    Theo, First off hang in there. The first year of marriage is really really hard. No one should make any decisions during the first year. YOu shouldn’t give up and neither should your wife. First year = challenge. You’ll get through it all. I’ve been married 5 years now and the first year (or first 3-4) was very difficult.

    Secondly, have you talked to your wife about the involvement of her family and friends in your married life? That is one huge mistake that people make. Telling our family and friends all about our marriage problems is very dangerous. She should take care to solve the problems between the two of you, instead of ‘sharing her thoughts and feelings’ with others. Family and close friends will usually side with their loved one. Once this divide is caused in a marriage, it become difficult to work together as a team in order to solve your conflicts. Also, if she is emotional, she may listen to bad advice and instead of working through the issues, she may be told to give up. People need to stay out of your ‘issues’ and let you the two of you solve them.

    My husband used to tell me ‘it is the two of us who got into this, we are the two to work it through.’
    I am not saying you cannot see a counselor, pastor, or therapist, but NOT family. Tell her even if it causes a fight. She will think about it and perhaps change.

    Lastly,together try to identify some of the negative patterns you learned as children. I mean- did you all grow up in fighting? alcoholism? divorce? anger? abuse? or loving and supportive homes. Talk about the dysfunctions and how your family dealt with conflict. Try to identify potential ‘pit falls’ you grew up with and change them.
    Be open- both of you- and vulnerable to see each other as a FRIEND. That way, you will stop the power struggle and learn to listen to each other as a team. You are there to help and support one another- even when she says something negative about you and vice versa, there can be truth to it. If she feels heard, she may not want to talk to her family or friends. Listen and respect each other.

    Again, hang in there and pray. Marriage takes a lot of patience and hard work. These are things people do not want to do. This article is very true. We want freedom. We want happiness and if you aren’t making me happy- I’m out. Problem is- we are all self-centered and so no one can fulfill that happiness for you. My prayers to you.

  18. duddy

    2 years ago

    I think its irrational and selfish to have children just to save a marriage.Yes, not having children with someone does increase your chances of getting a divorce,but that’s only because you will not be forced to stay with that person you have no interest in, or for the sake of the children. When couples are forced stay within the obligation of marriage , it often lead to problems i.e domestic abuse,depression,infidelity etc…..Which inevitably leads to a nasty divorce.

  19. digchild

    2 years ago

    Marrying too early in life,infidelity,being unable to get along and disagreements over money issues are the most common causes of divorce.Divorce is a very sad situation,so I think more has to be done to lower divorce rates in America.

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  22. your enemy

    2 years ago

    u dumb,idiot, dummy rather then trying to degrade god try and get a life and stop acting as if you know it all

  23. [...] issues, but in reality, it can help perfectly happy couples build even stronger marriages. With high divorce rates, many couples don’t have healthy role models to look to for guidance. Premarital counseling [...]

  24. rich

    2 years ago

    Remember that when you enter into a marriage that women and men are completly different from the start so thats where complications can start right away with the other person not understanding. Because of the sex different, your partner will not always have the best answer or an idea that could work. We both try though. Thats love! Men and women just think different. Forgive each other, forget, learn, and move on. Grudges, frustrations, hate, will make you a statistic of divorce. We are all adults in this world. As long as we understand instead of expecting so much, maybe divorce would drop even more.

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