How to Love Someone

Love is a personal experience no one can ever take away from you. It is also a feeling to which no one can ever tell you to feel or stop feeling. We feel love in an unexpected manner and it just happens. We can’t force ourselves to be in love or not be in love. Feelings and emotions can never be dictated. But many people struggle with love as some are doing it the wrong way. Some people suffer from love simply because their partner isn’t showing it to them the right way. Contradictory to the statements above, there is never a right or wrong way with love. There is simply a better way and a worse way of showing love. So here are tips to help you on how to love someone the better way.

An open and honest communication is one of the foundations of a great relationship. Communication enables the both of you to get to know each other and decipher what the other might be thinking and feeling. Honest communication enables both of you to fully understand and connect with each other. There’s nothing more heartbreaking than a relationship full of lies and deceit. If both of you can talk freely and openly with each other then there is unending joy and happiness that comes with it. As long as you both can talk things through there is no amount of problem you will encounter that can crumble your relationship.

Showing that you care guarantees your partner of your love. Make sure your partner knows how much you love them by showing you care. Let him understand that if he’s happy, then you’re most likely happy as well. If problems arise, be a good listener and find a solution to whatever it is together. There’s nothing more comforting than to know there’s always someone you can lean on. Don’t be afraid or shy to show affection and let there be no doubt about how much you care for him

Another better way on how to love someone is to always make him feel special and important. Sometimes work or school can get so stressful that you unknowingly neglect the other. No matter how hectic and tight your schedule is, always make sure that afterwards you make time for each other. Makeup for the lost time when you were stressing. Better yet, come to him when you feel stressed to make him feel important and needed. Your partner will surely understand if you won’t have so much time those days but don’t abuse it. He might feel neglected and unimportant to you.

Give support. Don’t ever think of pulling your partner down just so you can get ahead. In a relationship both of you are taken as one. You should act and decide as one. When one gets ahead give support as it will also affect your future. Just be happy for your partner.

Learn how to forgive. None of us are born perfect and over and over we will commit mistakes. It is completely normal to commit mistakes and it shouldn’t really be a problem if both of you learn to forgive each other. Accept that you will occasionally both make mistakes you will regret and move on.

While there may be no right or wrong way on how to love someone, we all want love to be shown in it’s best form. But what was mentioned above will undoubtedly make your partner feel loved.

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  2. Paulina Tuy

    6 years ago

    This was well said & obviously well written. Thank you so much for creating the perfect wording of “better and worse” say of showing love. I think we all need a fresher course even if we can check off your entire list! Sending my love!

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