How to Make Someone Fall in Love to You

Throughout life, there will come a time when you would meet someone very special. Someone that makes you laugh whenever he/she talks; someone that makes you excited whenever his/her presence is felt; or someone that you can’t remove from your mind. You would want to live with him/her forever, accompanying you as you go on everyday for the rest of your life. That would be easy, if he/she is already in love with you, and if it is already a mutual understanding from the very beginning. But, things would be different, if he/she doesn’t love you yet.

What you ought to do is to make him/her fall in love with you. That task is easier said than done, yet if you would succeed in doing so, you would live a happy life with your loved one. Unfortunately, there are no exact ways on how to guarantee that someone will fall in love with you, because every people is different and unique in their own way. Luckily, there are basic guidelines that you can follow when you wish to make someone fall in love with you, and they are applicable in most situations.

The very first thing to take care of is your physical appearance. Let’s face the fact that most of the people would not want to live forever with a sloppy man/woman, nor would they wish to go out with one. Taking care of physical appearance is not making yourself exceptionally beautiful or handsome, it’s just making yourself presentable and decent looking. That way, he/she will not feel ashamed when you two go out together, thus he/she will feel more comfortable.

The next thing is your emotional appearance. Like the physical appearance, you also need to take care of this. Being rude, bossy, and bad-mannered is not cool. Most of the people would take time and examine someone’s character, because they would not want to live with someone that would just fight with them. Most of the people want someone that is caring, respectful and thoughtful.

Another thing to consider is the person you love. Sure, you have deep affections with him/her, but what if he/she is not yet ready, even worst, what if he/she doesn’t want to be in a relationship at the moment? If you would continue to insist your love with him/her, it could just ruin your current friendship. Give him/her a time, to think about things; and instead of forcing romance, why don’t you help him/her first to remove confusions on his/her mind?

The last thing to do perhaps is to ask help from his/her other friends; after all, friends are the ones that truly know a person. Ask them about things he/she likes, or dislikes, ask them various information that can help you in winning him/her. It’s just a matter of research to know if you are doing things that he/she likes, or things that he/she hates.

The secret to everything is perseverance. You would not win his/her love overnight; it can take months, even years. But if you continually show your passion for her, then, at the right time, he/she will surely love you.

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    thank u for the help. i love him very much even i cant explain that how much i love him. i am trying to follow your suggestion & let see.thank you once again

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    best wishes

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