Interracial Marriage

According to a new Cornell University study, interracial marriage is becoming more common in the United States. The number of interracial marriage each year in the United States has jumped tenfold since the 1960s. In 1970, there were 310,000 documented cases, representing .7% of all marriages; in 1980, there were 651,000, representing 1.3% of all marriages; in 1992, there were 1,161,000, representing 2.2% of all marriages. The high rates of interracial marriage and evolving notions of race have recently forced the federal government to rethink the types of categories and classifications it will use. Under pressure from mixed-race Americans and their parents, the Census Bureau changed its rules to allow people to identify themselves by as many of the five official racial reporting categories as they think fit.

Interracial marriage can include the union of Asians, Hispanics, Blacks, Whites, and any other group. However, when people talk about race relations, the focus is on Blacks and Whites. In a poll of 1,314 Americans of varied races, 3 in 10 reported they were against black-white marriage, but were more willing to accept white-Hispanic or white-Asian marriages. Marriage between Whites and Asians, and particularly light-skinned North East Asians, is considered the least controversial. Reasons for the differences in these attitudes result from skin color, economic prosperity, and history of ethnic strife.

Black Man and Interracial Marriage

No matter what ethnic groups are involved, one major result of interracial marriage is the problems parents encounter with their mixed race children. Children from interracial marriages are sometimes denied benefits and privileges they should deserve. Tiger Woods may have changed society’s views on interracial children, but there are more serious effects on these children than what is shown by Tiger Woods. These effects and the history of interracial marriage should be the focus of government.

For anyone considering having an interracial marriage, the following consequences must be taken into consideration. First, there will be opposition and condemnation from some people in society. Secondly, children of interracial marriages are sometimes discriminated against and teased. Thirdly, people from differing cultures have unusual differences to overcome. Often, intercultural marriages, more than interracial marriages encounter greater difficulties within the relationship. Cultural practice and prejudice is often more difficult to overcome than is skin color. Finally, as the old saying goes, when you marry the person, you marry the whole family. One must be prepared to encounter familial ostracize and condemnation.

Many hold a negative point of view towards an interracial marriage and they assert that this kind of marriage is bound to end up in divorce or disaster. It is not correct of course, but it reveals partially that interracial marriage is facing challenges including some disagreement from the government. Some conservatives argue that the government should keep its nose out of people’s private lives. I agree. The government should have no role in dictating whether two individuals can marry. Anyway, interracial marriage is not a threat to the sanctity of marriage and will not upend America’s social structure.

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  1. monte smith

    7 years ago

    What if all marriages ahd to be interracial (black and white) then after a couplea generations there would be no more black or white, or would there just be only black? For instance, there are really only three races; caucasoid, negroid, and mongoloid, which means that whites are the minority in the world. Everything not asian looking is negroid, such that all the indians, arabs, mexicans and such are all just shades of negro. So, all mixes of black and white are just lighter colored negros. If you just have interracial with whites the whites will disappear as a race. Ok, that will work except who will be left to blame all the ills of the world on? I just had a random thought; why isn’t there a lost tribe of primitve white people some where in the world that still go naked and wear bones in their noses and live in huts?

  2. Shamus O'malley

    7 years ago

    Why isnt there a lost tribe of primitive white people somewhere in the world?

    Hmmm…Because white people learn? White people had plumbing before Jesus Christ walked the earth. The Romans & Greeks both had systems to bring in fresh water & remove waste…..B.C..
    There are still Negro people all over Earth that have no plumbing. They cant manage to develop & survive. They cant manage to overcome obstacles. they cant manage to live civilized w/out dictatorship & build. Somolia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Haiti, anywhere black people live – poverty, stupidity, crime, disease, backwards child-like mental retardation follow. White people build castles, pyramids, bridges, skyscrapers, & the best structures any race has ever seen. Black people still build straw huts in 2010 (fastened together w/ elephant poo).
    From the computer screen you look at to the hardwood floors beneath you – you can thank white people. When you think of the genius’ at NASA, or the best Neuro-Surgeon, or the best Architect – do you think of a Negro? Nobody does.
    History doesnt lie. The black man has never accomplished anything unless he was propped up by the white man. Even today – Oprah, MJ, Soetoro…..etc…etc… Do you think these negros would be anything if the white studios didnt hire them, or advertise for them, or participate in their audience, or buy their merchandise. If those famous blacks had to rely on other blacks – well you can guess, it would be more like Liberia. Forcing interracial marriage means big winning for the blacks & big losing for the whites. The lessor dumbed down genes dominate. The higher refined genes are diluted w/ filth. Black people amaze me how they pretend to accomplish things. For instance, look at Barry Soetoro – his daddy knocked up a white girl, then he bailed like all black men do. Quite typical. Whats also quite typical is the way the white family rallied around their Negro loving daughter & raised the mutt. Then when the mulatto gets famous – all the negros want to come out of the wood work & claim him as their great black prize. Negros didnt do a damn thing to raise him. Why do you think he speaks well? Not because of negros – I gaurantee that.
    If forcing interracial marriage was your answer, America would be a 3rd world nation overnight.
    We’ve already lowered our schools so dumb to accomodate blacks graduating. Of course the stupid “diversity” brainwashed Americans cant see it because they lost the ability to think critically. But the rest of the world notices how dumb America has become – thank integration for that. Rather than insisting blacks raise their IQs, we lowered the standards so now 3rd world nations that live in carboard boxes have smarter kids.
    Architecture, Engineering, Art, Literature, Medicine, Biology, Agriculture, Mathematics, are far to hard for a negro w/ a bone in their nose. White people dont live like that because we rose out of caves 10000s of years ago. Negros still havent risen – unless white people help them. DNA tests, The Bell Curve & Anatomy show us for centuries how different we are. The true golden gift to earth is white people. The true burden & waste is Negros. We learn. In 2010, from what I’ve seen on the news – negros still havent learned – & never learn generation after generation…they just stay stagnant. Caucasians, Hispanics, Jews, Asians, Arabics have all accomplished amazing things. The african Negro ( no matter where he lives in the world) has accomplished nothing. The negros sole purpose on this world is to entertain us. Tell a joke, do a dance, jump high, run fast, sing a song, act a fool, entertain us Negro.
    Anyone w/ an ounce of world history knowledge will admit this is 100% true. Ignorance means to NOT know. Negros are well documented, there not much to know. The true ignorance is to believe that we are all the same, one big melting pot, all gods children, etc..etc… <–that is ignorant.
    Even when Jesus’ deciples left after his crucifixion – they spread all over the world. Asia, Russia, Europe, Middle East – but not one single deciple went to Africa. Why? Because even God doesnt recognize them. They are not the Adamic race – they are a burden for the world to feed, clothe, shelter. They are a curse. Look what happens to nations that embrace “diversity” – they fall. America is falling, you can blame the adulterer, plagiarist, woman beater Michael King Jr. (his real name) & the liberal sheep who lack critical thought & live on fairytales & cotton candy movies – AKA Americans for this quick fall. America was the greatest country on earth before “diversity”. America is the laughing stock of the world after “diversity”. 40 short years. The same blueprint used to topple South Africa. Our kids are dumb, Our media brainwashes us, & the polticians fervently manipulate the new stupidity like Oz behind a curtain. While the greatness that built this country, fought for its survival & freedom dies off (white people) The rest of you deserve the disaster thats coming to America. You embraced the negro – now live w/ the high crime, marriage-less breeding, stupidity, & socialism that enslaves you. You wanted mud – you got it. Good luck Dummy’s – the world waits & laughs.

  3. David

    7 years ago

    The single factor that has defined every great nation is its people. When the people share a commonality – they work together. Before WWII, US Census estimates that 80% of America was of White European descent. Segragation insured the integrity of the populace & greatness ensued. Early Rome & Greece shared the same commonality amongst its people. These nations grew into great powers that have provided the world w/ some of the best engineering, art, literature, medicine, agriculture, invention, astronomy, architecture, military & science the world has ever known..
    Great nations explore, conquer territory & as a result……take on the prisoners of foreign lands. Historians widely agree that once the population of these great nations becomes heavily diversified – the commonality that once bonded them together – breaks. The fall of Rome & Greece are routinely cited for the degradation of values the immigrants influenced over the natives that eventually diluted the gene pool. Loyalties became divided & the common cause of the people eroded to internal factions fighting for power within the behemoth lands they amassed.
    The same breakdown that toppled Rome & Greece is happening today in America. As the US gene pool is diluted with immigration & race mixing – loyalties are divided. The commonality that once bonded the superpower of America is being degraded into factions fighting for pieces of power. These factions usually come down to the lowest common denominator – race.
    Today we see China rising to the top of the food chain as America becomes a 2nd class nation. The Russian middle class live better than American middle class. Iran isnt afraid of the USA & South American Latinos are decapitating American travelers on a horrific scale. These nations continue to grow & gain power because they all have one thing in common – the same people. with the same values, the same culture & the same belief system…….and most importantly the same race.
    You dont see massive race mixing in China or Russia or South America or Korea or Iran or even Israel. The people of these nations stand together as a cohesive unit & view outsiders as a threat – this is what allows them to gain strength.
    America is a cesspool of race mixing & culture bashing. The result? “Diversity” laws, quotas, aid, scholarships, loans, & housing assitance. The laws forced upon the people as mandatory are now destroying & diluting the commonality the people once shared.
    Is interracial marriage a good thing?
    It depends on what your agenda is. If you want to divide & conquer a nation – just plain ruin it, then yes. Advertise it, support it, embrace it & make laws that enforce it – Make the people hate each other & destroy the common bonds that made them great in the first place. However, if you love your land & want to protect it & preserve your power – preserve the people that obtained the power in the first place. Preserve your commonality. Commonality isnt a flag, or a song. It isnt a concocted dream or idealogical utopia of wishful thinking. Its the least common denominator – what do you relate to, what do you have in common – the person you see in the mirror is the person you share commonality with. China is proving history again. When history is written – future generations will ask the same questions about America, as they do about Greece & Rome now. Why didnt the people realize they were wrecking their own country?

  4. ron

    7 years ago

    The broader answer to race mixing is that the losers are white people. Where is most of the race mixing ? Its in countries founded by white people and built by white people, because White people build desirable countries. Virtually no one is moving to Africa, South America, Asia or the M.East…Yet millions are moving to Europe every year. So White people in Europe will be erased soon. Millions are moving to Canada, America and Australia aswell…That leaves EVERY region on earth where white people live being mixed out. In Europe, France is 30% black muslim now. Ireland is 15% black muslim, These migrants moved to those countries in just the last 30 years. Other European countries have the same issue,,,So saying whites and blacks should just mix might sound nice and dandy, the truth is blacks will still be around in Africa. But white people will be erased from Europe, America, Australia etc. Asians will still be around to.

  5. Cara

    7 years ago

    First of all you are all ignorant. Shamus your name should be “ashamed”. You talk of African Americans (I will use the correct description since I am not ignorant) not doing a thing in History, Booker T Washington heard of him? Maybe you should use the internet as a tool in educating yourself on Americas entire history not just what is seen from the Arayan nation’s bi laws. Have you ever traced yourr family history probably be a good idea since white men that owned slaves cheated on their white wives with black women some even marrying, you might have a little black in you! Both comments posted are direct results of stupidity there are white children living in Kentucky, Virginia, Idaho that are poor and passed through school that shouldn’t have this was Bush’s idea of cutting education cost not getting rid of race, they do not speak correctly and live off govt assistance . Did you know gov’t benefits such as welfare was a direct result of the depression to help white people? I can only hope that more inter racial marriages ocur so that those children born who are open minded from having different cultures can overcome and outnumber people like you and we can have a more tolerable and safe population. Jesus was not white, have you seen the color of people from Israel? You are not subbordinate in your opinions you will not change the world back into time the world will leave you in the dust and may the nursing home you get put into employ other races so when you can’t wipe your own ass, you can again ask yourself what did African American people accomplish.

  6. Yamin

    7 years ago

    i must say i am ashamed that people like “shame-ass” and your other minions are apart of this world. Your. its people like you who are so sad about there lives. I can bet you were probably rejected by and african were you not shame-ass? what? where you left all alone? does no one love you shame-ass? are you all alone in this world.
    U best be careful how you talk about other races especially africans you piece of shit. you do not know anything about africa. If i had the power to locate your moronic ass i would burn you alive and laugh my head off while i watch u turn from bones to dust…..
    you know. you aint even worth shit. After all, you speak like you born last nite and you ALL (except for cara) came outta someones ass than naturally like all NORMAL FOLKS.

  7. ted

    7 years ago

    Interracial marriages have been going on for centuries people!! Blacks have been mixed with Whites, Asians have mingled with Indians. And the world continues to spin. Until the day that we will all be one race of togetherness.

  8. Robert Collins

    6 years ago

    Marriage is flawed in these situations set at 94% to fail and the kids have a mark on them they will not forget. No wonder why the country is sinking down in the mud.

  9. Fawks

    6 years ago

    The country is sinking down to the mud, because people are stuck in their old ways and should be more acceptig of these people. Who cares what color you are or what your parents are. If they love eachother and raise you in a family enviroment then in my opinion your no different then any other family.

  10. Samantha

    6 years ago

    What is so wrong with interracial marriages. This is the problem today that the only thing people see is the color of each others skin. People like others for who they are in the inside. I am a Cauasion female and yes I am married to a Bi-racial male. My sister is also Bi-racial meaning they are both of black and white. God created all of us. We are all decendents from Adam and Eve. Was its God’s intention to join us together. ? We are all of one blood. So stop the racism and get along. Together we can all make the world a better place if ignorant people would just stop and see what the world has to offer.

  11. Melani Dodrill

    6 years ago

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  12. rlmccoy2

    6 years ago

    I have never read so much BS as to BLACK people. For if any of your ignorant and uneducated people actually did any studying you would have found that African actually taught the world math, science, and far more while the so call white Europeans were still in caves.

    AFRICA: The African Nile River Valley region became a desert, except for the lower Nile area in Egypt. The Sphinx and Pyramids of Giza are outstanding examples of the Ice Age Civilization or the period from about 11,600 to 6,000 years ago, but none of its written records have been found there. The written records of the later lower Nile Egyptians only go back about 5,000 years. However, since hieroglyphics and Egyptian mathematics appeared highly developed about 5,000 years ago, it is likely that they came from an earlier civilization. There are two other written histories of African Nile people: the Old Testament, Jewish history of the past 5,800 years or so; and the Abyssinian Kbre Nege’st. A major problem is that the heartland of the African Nile River Valley region is desert, and many of its sites are probably buried under desert sand. We can, however, try to learn something from the legends of the area, such as the legends of Isis, Osiris and Horus, and of Thoth, who was called Hermes Trismegistus by the Greeks, who taught mathematics and music, who encoded the 78-leaf Book of Thoth as Tarot cards (which are represented by the design of the Temple of Luxor), and who said: “… the true knowledge of music is nothing other than this: to know the ordering of all separate things and how the Divine Reason has distributed them; for this ordering of all separate things into one, achieved by skilful reason, makes the sweetest and truest harmony with the Divine Song.”

  13. rlmccoy2

    6 years ago

    To all those white people out there whose every ignorant as to Ancient African Civilizations I highly recommend that you read the following websites and get a copy of the books:

  14. Raina

    6 years ago

    My girlfriend is a nigger and I love her to death and so does my family.

  15. George

    5 years ago

    Shamus has it all wrong! White people were primitive, practiced human sacrifice and cannibalism and lived in caves before Julius Ceaser civilized them. At that time, about 2,000 years ago, when white men and women were running around naked in Europe, the Chinese already had an advanced civilization. Had Ceaser not come to Germany or England and ask the white man and his female to come out of his caves and civilized them, people like Shamus will be still druids practising human sacrifice of their fair maiden, practising cannibalism and he and his females will still be running around naked!

  16. Julius Caesar

    5 years ago

    @George. Why don’t you read Tacitus’ Germania? This will give you what the Romans thought of the Germans at that time. It’s a far different description than how you describe them.

  17. Bailey

    5 years ago

    Raina if you “LOVE” your girlfriend as much as you say you do. Why would you call out and make it plain that she is a “nigger” why not African American??

  18. 5 mistakes

    5 years ago

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  19. laine

    5 years ago

    do not read blogs like this, they are meant to confuse and mislead, they are lies spun to make you think a trend is occurring, when the reality is less than 5% of marriages occur outside races and these occur due to dysfunction or fetishes and no other reason.
    race mixing is never good and only leads to bad for everyone. stay away from other races in dating. keep your bloodline pure. as i have read all cultures are to be celebrated except the white culture… if you do your a racist. all cultures are encourage to maintain their heritage and customs except whites. hispanics, blacks, indians, asians all have tv stations, clubs, holidays and celebrations based on their race. white are not allowed, that would be racist. all nonwhites races are to coddled, helped, and cared for, whites get none of that. whites are guilted into fighting others wars, aiding, supporting, feeding all nonwhite nations. nonwhite nations have no pressure or encouragement to help whites, and it would never occur to do so. whites are continually put down in commercials, movies, print ads. they are marginalized and downplayed. they are never portrayed as the top of the food chain its rather other races and whitey is made to look stupid or pushed around. this is brain washing and its on every newsstand, magazine, tv, movie, radio that touches you. you see the crest commercials, i have yet to see a white female in them. its always a black or hispanic getting a white guy, yet this is not the norm and is certainly not representing the white majority who should be catered and shown 75% of the time. your racist is you mention it.
    its complete garbage.
    lastly, look at nature. study the birds. blue jays have nothing to do with cardinals or sparrows, they are all birds but they never speak or blend. they may share the same sky but they stay away from each other never ever breed. in all nature no race mixing is done and no living happy together either. its all segregated.
    remember only whites are encouraged to mix, no one else. nonwhite is dominant in race mixing. you get a nonwhite partner all your children will be brown and their children will be drown etc etc etc. do not let that happen to you or family. educate those close to you before its too late.
    whites are being eliminated, what will the world do if all the whites are gone? asia will have no more technology to copy and exploit. who will the non whites blame their problems on then? black will have no one to hate and lean on. hispanics will have no one to invade and steal from. welfare will collapse because whites pay for it (for themselves but never use it because they are responsible, other who don’t pay use and abuse it). who will protect the weak then? NO ONE, because whites are the only ones with a conscientious.

  20. africa sucks

    5 years ago

    Shamus is intelligent and makes valid points. Everyone for mixing (and ruining our race) should reread his last paragraph, that’s the future your fighting for.
    And even a uncivilized white culture are gods when put next to those monkeys.

  21. Sad2Say

    5 years ago

    Bailey- Because they refer to themselves like that. It would be hypocritical to say “no one can call us that anymore” then turn around and refer to one another in the same manner. . . oh wait that happens.

    rlmccoy2- If Africa, and by extension Africans, are so gifted with Math and Science why can’t they get their cycles together and stop reproducing if they are unable to properly care for their offspring? I ask this because I do not see feed the US children info-mercials on TV; I see feed Africa’s children.

    People should not be bashing one another’s race. The melting pot theory is a reality and one that we should all get used to. Races mixing with one another is happening more and more now. People need to accept people for people. THAT MEANS ALL OF YOU. Even if you do not agree with how the “white man” feels about things. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and no one is able to subject you to follow in their beliefs right? If you all want interracial marriages to be more accepted then start accepting all races and cultures. Again, that means accepting how they feel about it. Give in order to receive people. Come on. . .

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