Virtual Marriage

When people discovered the fun of talking to each other in real time across the continents, virtual marriage becomes the latest craze on the Net. Meanwhile, internet dating and matchmaking websites became big businesses which drew millions of people who were searching for their life partners.

Why do people want to have virtual marriage on the Internet? Some make the decision to do it on the Net for fun and to create memories. Others marry this way because it is the only way they can tie the knot due to their circumstances such as being in separate countries, under age, or couples wanting to have a same sex union. For many women, virtual marriage has many merits because a virtual husband can’t leave dirty socks lying on the floor, forget to change the toilet paper roll, or drink milk out of the carton, leaving said now empty carton in the fridge.

To some people, having virtual marriage is just for killing time. Surprisingly, there are a lot of teenagers opting for virtual marriage on the Net which is causing some concern among parents. These kids are taking their marriage settings very seriously and pay a lot of attention to their virtual spouses, many ending up exchanging ideas and know-how on sex and related subjects. It is really dangerous. The kids may not be telling how old they really are and if the person on the other side is an adult there could be a problem. The only way to really avoid this is for parents to monitor what their children are doing. It is the parent’s responsibility to know what their kids are doing online and take appropriate actions.

For some, getting married on the Internet after finding romance on the Internet is the answer. However, this type of virtual marriage is not legally binding. In order for a marriage to be legal, a couple has to have a marriage license, which is granted by legal entities. In most areas, marriage licenses can be obtained through the local County courthouse, City Hall, Provincial or Magistrate offices, or a department such as a Registrar of Marriages.

It is true that virtual marriage is just like a kind of game but we have to be aware that this game is challenging traditional ethics and family values, and will definitely weaken family relations. Virtual marriage looks like a big hit with adults as well and it does not exclude already married people. Even though this type of marriage has no legal standing it can create a lot of disturbance in marital life. Once virtual marriage affects domestic life, divorce can not be avoided. On the other hand, virtual marriage lacks both substance and legal proceedings, so it is not marriage by law. This phenomenon goes against social ethics, however, nothing but morality can do something about it.

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