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Before you make too many plans, you need to check with your wedding officiant to find out if you can have wedding readings because there are many ministers, priests, and rabbis who will not stray from the traditional text or ceremony format.

Generally accepted as the greatest writer in the English language, William Shakespeare has an enduring appeal that makes his works perfect for celebrating this most important of days. Many Shakespearean wedding readings lend poetry and lyricism to the ceremony. You may wonder how long will be enough for wedding readings? There is no need to read a particularly long extract. On the day, you may find you are more nervous than you had anticipated,so reading a short excerpt will help to ease your anxiety.

There is no standard or tradition who does the readings. Readings can be done by any of your attendants or any of your dear friends or any of your parents. If any of your friends or relatives was unable to be in the wedding party due to a financial strain then here is a good way to incorporate them into your wedding ceremony.

I’ve been asked to give wedding readings at a friend’s wedding a few days time. Here I have some experience to share with you. If you have decided to be the reader on the wedding day, you should let the bride or groom know you’re comfortable with speaking in public. Then you should look over the selected wedding readings in advance and practice reciting it to become comfortable with the content, if reading from a Bible scripture or previously written poem. Try practicing in front of people or a mirror.Practice your wedding readings out loud.This is vital to steady your nerves, but also to take on the appropriate rhythm and meter of the language.Some of the words will have a slightly different pronunciation to modern English, and it is important to stay true to the text. When preparing for your wedding readings, help is at hand in the form of the many film versions of Shakespeare`s plays. Alternatively, visit your local library and borrow the relevant audio CD or cassette. Listen and repeat after the actor, after all, they are a professionally trained public speakers, and you can not get much better that that.

You can also consider writing an original piece of prose as wedding readings and reading it during the ceremony as a gift to the bride and groom if writing comes naturally. Take your time and read slower than you probably think you should. Nerves can make you read fast and sometimes without expression. If you are nervous, breathe and relax. It’ll over before you know it.Enunciate words clearly and look at the bride and groom and guests while reading. This makes your words more personal. If reading in front of a large crowd, try using the back of the room as a focal point to direct your eyes out instead of down. Or imagine you’re reading to a group of children. Smile and look happy instead of annoyed or petrified

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