Wedding Wishes

Wedding day is a dream day and everything needs to be just perfect. It is important whether a guest or the couple of honor, finding the perfect wedding wishes expression to impart the right feelings for the day.So it is worthwhile and meaningful to send your warm wedding wishes to your dear ones on their special day.

When your friends get marriage, you can buy a guest book as a gift so that all the guests may write some wedding wishes for them into it and it is a keep sake for them.As a small gift from us I would like to write something meaningful on the inside cover, such as the sentence:”let me be the first to wish you a wonderful and memorable wedding day – you deserve every happiness and from this day forth a life filled with love – we are so proud of you!” Small and cheap as it is, it will be a lifelong valuable gift. Besides, a grandma can also write such wedding wishes as: “I have watched you grow from a tiny baby to a beautiful independent woman, may you take with you into your married life all the kind things that make you special, may you both enjoy your life together and be eternally happy, wishing two special people a life full of love and laughter.” Inside you can also use an old welsh wedding wishes containing these lines that would be quite good: “wishing you A house full of sunshine, Hearts full of cheer, Love that grows deeper each day of the year.” Maybe it is also a good choice to use a quote from a poem or maybe a Shakespeare’s play about love.

The following two wedding wishes are my favorite ones given by my mother and Mary,my best friend from childhood, the first one reads as follows: “a wedding is a fusion of two souls as one;the clasping of hands and blending of hearts;you’ll start off the day as just two people in love;and end it as husband and wife as you take the vows;learning what love truly means and share the eternity;let this day be a bright beginning of caring and sharing;may the sweet memories of your wedding remain dear in your hearts forever;as glorious and everlasting as the blue sky.” Mary`s wedding wishes are so moving that I can memorize for my whole life: “wishing you both a bright and beautiful future together;may each new day brings you a feeling of excitements;for your hearts to store away till eternity;may the sparkle of love in your hearts;fill your lives with untold joys, happiness and bliss;that are too precious and rare;may your love and warmth grow deeper each day;and give you strength and inspiration in your lives;congratulations and heartfelt wishes;for a very Happy Married Life!”

Of course, it is romantic for the new couple to send wedding wishes to each other. You can wait and see whether those wishes will come true in the following years of marriage life.

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