What Is Love?

Love is the strongest element in life. It makes a singer sing beautiful notes; it makes a poet say lovely words; it makes a dancer sway joyfully to the sound of music, in short, it brings out the best in anyone. It makes a person feel strange about things, it makes someone’s idea about life widen; it even makes someone’s imagination work in various ways. Ironically, although all men and women at a certain point of their life felt love and have given love, none had been able to fully understand the force that makes people fall in love as we know it.

Commoners, intellectuals, academics, scholars, poets, scientists, novelists, artists, and philosophers had all argued about the answer to a simple question of “what is love?”

A scientist may give a very discouraging answer, for often, they say that love is just romanticism or sexual desire, and what you feel is just because of our natural response as a human being. Some even argued that people feel love because of their hormones, and that all are automatic. A boy would naturally fall for a girl, because the girl is capable to bear an offspring. They say that all is just hormones at work.

Contrarily, a novelist, poet, artist, or any man of letter would suggest a more promising answer. Although they have various opinions about it, it sums up to a basic definition that love is a sentiment that a person feels when he/she is connected with another being. We give love to our son, daughter, sister, brother, mother, father, family, friends and of course our partner in life. We even give love to “non-human” beings such as animals, properties, hobbies, etc. Most of the time, the love that a person gives to someone or something causes him/her to do unthinkable things; sometimes even impossible things, as they say, “it’s all out of love”.

Regardless of the source of definition of love, one thing is certain: love involves care, compassion, sacrifice, comfort and many more beautiful things shown by a man to another being. The “another being” can be a person, an animal, a thing, a job, a hobby, the world, or just yourself. It means that you can love your wife, or your job as a teacher, or your pet dog, or your hobby as a mountaineer, or the whole human race, or you can just simply love yourself. The common element that is seen in an occurrence that is so complex yet so simple is that it involves devotion and most of the time, sacrifice towards a certain person or thing.

In the end, we may never find an exact definition of love; we may never completely understand the many mysteries behind it. Perhaps it is better that way, and rationalizing love would not make things better. Perhaps, it’s better if we just give love, feel love, receive love and show love, instead of actually studying love. That way, we can continue to function as human beings, able to feel those unexplainable forces that are results of love, able to do impossible things because of love, and able to be the best because of love.

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