How to Tell if She Loves You

Many men ask: “does she love me?” This is one question that many men ask but how do you really figure out if she loves you or simply just like you? Love is a very complicated matter that is very hard to decode if a person really loves you or not. While many people pray long and hard and ask for divine intervention to help them with love, there are proven ways to help you detect if she really loves you. Listed below are 5 proven ways to answer the question.

One way to answer your question does she love me is thinking about whether she shows that she cares for you. Love comes with care. When a woman loves a man, she would care for him unconditionally. She will make sure that all your concerns and your needs are attended. She doesn’t want anything bad happening to you. She makes sure that you are armed and equipped everyday with all you needed.

She can feel your pain. This is another way to determine if she really loves you. When you’re hurt, she would also feel hurt and try everything in her power to make you feel happy. Love is an emotional matter and it translates to people who are in love. When one is hurt the other feels the same way. She doesn’t want you to feel that way because she cares for you so much that if it were possible she would take the pain out and throw it in the garbage bin.

She is happy whenever you are together. If she only likes you, she may be happy to be with you today, but not tomorrow. If it’s love, she will be very happy everyday that you’re together. There’s nothing more that makes her happy than to be around you. She will always find time and reason to spend with you because she wants to feel happiness.

She is hurt when you’re mad. It is true that the people we love the most can hurt us the most as well. It is likely that she loves when she feels hurt and sad whenever you are mad or angry. It would be hard for her to get over every word you uttered when you were mad because you mean so much to her and so does everything you say. When a person is mad it is inevitable that we say words we regret saying when we have cooled off. So when another argument breaks loose, let your brain do the talking and not your emotions.

Sacrificing is part of loving. You can tell she really loves you if she can make sacrifices for you. All she wants to do is make you happy even if it meant sacrificing her own happiness. Your happiness is also her happiness. She would make sacrifices and compromises just for your own comfort. If she really loves you she would do anything for the sake of your happiness.

Women and love are the hardest puzzles that ever hit men. The information above should help you find answers to “does she love me?”

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